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Disposable Foot File - pack of 10
Disposable foot file: 180 mm long, 19mm wide. These are ideal for people to reduce the length or thickness of their toenails, without the risk of damaging their skin. Also useful for family members to assist with foot care. More>>

Disposable Foot File - pack of 10 $16.50
Mirror - single
Foot Inspection Mirror - 50mm circular mirror, telescopic handle, extending to 60cm. Each person with diabetes need to look at their feet every day to check for any changes to the skin. Often the person can't reach or see their feet. This little mirror assists to 'see' all the skin surfaces of both ... More>>

Mirror - single $5.50
Monofilment - single
Touch-Test Sensory Evaluator, 5.07 Monofilament 10g,Pen Style. This tool is essential for diabetic foot screening. It is the definitive way to determine peripheral neuropathy and the extent or level of the neuropathy. The monofilament can be should be replaced 12-monthly [with regular use] or when ... More>>

Monofilment - single $42.00
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