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Indigenous Diabetic Foot Program


This is the home of the Indigenous Diabetic Foot Program [IDFP], developed and created by podiatrist Jason Warnock. The IDFP offers a unique range of resources. These resources assist with the management of the diabetic foot, particularly for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The focus of the program is to provide local health workers with information and skills for self care footcare practices and to encourage evidence-based diabetic foot screening.

The resources are seen in our online store; click on the Store Tab on this website.

IDFP workshops demonstrate how to introduce the resources to your workplace. Topics covered during the workshops include how health workers can provide information to people about how to look after their feet and when people should to seek advice from their local health service. Health Workers are able to screen for diabetic foot risk factors by the end of the workshop. The IDFP provides the knowledge, skills and tools to effectively undertake a diabetic foot check.

The knowledge gained during the IDFP workshop can be applied to all members of the community; not only those people who have diabetes.

Two non-Indigenous resources: The success of the IDFP resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people has seen the production of two resources for non-Indigenous people. "Care for Your Feet" A3 colour poster and DL colour folded pamphlet. These resources are in the same style as the original series "Looking After Your Feet" to promote self care practices, however are photos of non-Indigenous feet. Go to the Store Tab on this site to find information regarding resources. Alternatively, an Order Form can be downloaded.

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To read Jason's Churchill Fellowship report [with photos], click here: Jason's Churchill Fellowship Report [pdf file, 8638KB]. 

For a smaller file, the same report without photos, click here: Churchill Report [no photos] [pdf file, 446 KB].